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About Us

Positive Paws is a local animal welfare organization founded in 2023 by Gail Moscato. Gail is on the mission of “Uniting Pets and People Pawsitively.” Her mission includes finding homes for pets in need, helping pet owners through education, and using available tools and resources to find solutions to the challenges people may experience with their pets. This is a vital step in preventing the unfortunate and often unnecessary rehoming of pets that can occur when owners are unaware of these resources. 


Gail has lived in the Bullhead City area for 40 years and has been a dedicated animal welfare volunteer for the past 14. In 2009, she was among the original founders of the local animal welfare group SAINT: Saving Animals In Need Together. She was President of the organization from 2016-2022. During her time at SAINT, Gail helped find homes for hundreds of pets that had been abandoned, neglected, or lost. Her goal is to continue and expand her animal advocacy through Positive Paws, be a positive force for the pets she encounters, and bring that positivity into their lives and those who love and care for them. To accomplish her goal, Gail is networking and partnering with others that share her love of pets. She believes that by educating and working together to solve pet related issues, there can be a day of No More Homeless Pets. Gail has been significantly involved with Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah, the largest animal sanctuary in the country. She has volunteered at the sanctuary and attended and volunteered at many of their annual conferences which has given her the opportunity to meet the sanctuary’s founders and many others from around the world. Her involvement with Best Friends Animal Society also gives her the opportunity to discuss the difficulties facing animal welfare today and work with other animal activists to find solutions. 


Positive Paws is a partner of Risen Star Kennels (RSK) in Bullhead City which assists in the adoption of dogs that have been brought to the kennel for behavior modification. The majority of the dogs brought to Risen Star Kennels are from the BHC shelter and selected by the animal shelter manager. The dogs are then transported to the kennel to begin their training and finding their new home.This newly formed partnership between Risen Star and the BHC animal shelter will change and save the lives of so many dogs, and Positive Paws is proud to be a part of those changes.The alliance between Positive Paws and Risen Star Kennels also includes working with local veterans through the K9 for Vets Program. Positive Paws supports the veterans in this program by learning their unique needs and finding just the right pet to fill those needs. The impact that the K9 for Vets Program has on the lives of the animals and veterans involved is enormous and an integral part of the mission of both organizations. 


Positive Paws is a new animal welfare organization formed to join many other wonderful groups in the goal of making such organizations obsolete. This will only occur when there are NO MORE HOMELESS PETS. Positive Paws looks forward to partnering with more organizations to achieve this goal and much more. 

Gail Moscato


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