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It's a big ask, but we would love to have an SUV or van donated to use for the transportation of pets from the shelter, to/from veterinary appoitments, play time in the park, training, meet and greets, and to their new furever homes. 

When a vehicle is donated to a charity for their use, the IRS allows the deduction of the full fair market value from the donor's taxes.

Wish List

Your donations are greatly appreciated and will help our mission tremendously. Your donations are also tax deductible. If you need a receipt for tax purposes, please request one at the time you drop off your items. We ask that any used items such as bedding, towels, leases, collars, etc, be in good condition. Any items that can not be used by Positive Paws will be donated to the BHC Animal Shelter and Food For Paws Pet Pantry. 

Drop Off Locations

Hairitage Hair Salon

1788 Highway 95, BHC 

Closed Sundays

Risen Star Kennels

985 Airpark Dr, BHC

Open everyday 8 to 5 pm

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Monetary donations are always needed and greatly appreciated. Your donation will help pay for the costs of veterinary care, pet supplies, business supplies, fundraising, and more. Posititive Paws could not function and help pet in need with your generosity. 

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