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To Anyone Who Has Ever Rescued A Dog.

Quietly, behind the scenes, without any recognition, are legions of amazing people who  are making a difference in ways large and small. They are the unsung heroes whose only “thanks” is a sloppy, wet kiss from a rescued dog or the tiniest tail wag of a frightened,  beaten-down canine soul who’s learning to trust again. And that is enough to keep them  going when their hearts are heavy. 

It’s easy to wonder how your small efforts can ever help curb the problems we face in  sheltering or rescuing. It’s easy to be discouraged as you hold a trembling, sick, or  injured animal in your arms and know how many more there are. It’s devastating to  know that an animal you could not save has been lost. It’s easy to shed tears and be  bogged down by the vast numbers who need your help. 

And yet, despair can be erased in a moment as you watch a long-time shelter 'guest' go home, or an abused animal slowly learns to trust you. You CAN make a difference, one  dog at a time. 

Every animal advocate, every shelter or rescue worker, every person who donates,  adopts, spay and neuters, or works diligently every day should read this story when the going gets tough. It’s been rewritten in many forms, but originally was written by Loren  Eiseley, an anthropologist.  

One day a man was walking along a beach as the sun was rising. As he  walked along the shore, he noticed a small figure up ahead. As he got closer, he realized  it was a small boy who was picking up objects from the sand and throwing them into the sea. As he approached, he said to the boy, “What are you doing?” The boy replied,“Throwing starfish into the ocean”. “But why?” asked the astounded man. “Because the sun is coming up and they are stranded on the beach. The tide has gone out and if I don’t help them, they will die”. The man thought for a moment as he looked up and down the vast stretch of beach covered with hundreds of starfish. “Young man, don’t you realize there are miles and miles of beach and starfish along every mile? You can’t possibly make a difference!” At this, the boy bent down to pick up yet another starfish, walked to the water’s edge and threw it in. “Made a difference to that one”, he said.

Thank you to those who make a difference, from the bottom of every rescued animal’s  heart! 

If you’d like to join the fight to save the lives of homeless, abandoned, abused animals,  here are some ways you can help: 

*Adopt, don’t buy! Purchasing a dog feeds the demand for more to be produced. Adopt  a shelter dog or one from a specific breed rescue group. They will be forever grateful! Spay, neuter, and tag/microchip your pets. This will vastly cut down on the number of  animals in shelters. Please remember to REGISTER your microchip.

*Foster. Check with local shelters and/or rescue organizations who need foster homes  for some special dogs and cats.  

*Donate. Rescues and shelters are always strapped for funds. The more money they  raise, the more pets they can save. Along with money, they also appreciate items they  need and most post a wishlist on their websites. 

*Volunteer. Whether it’s the down-and-dirty, wonderful work of walking dogs, joining a  fundraising team, answering phones or helping to plan events, shelters and rescues need  you and your amazing talents! 

*Advocate. Become involved in animal legislation by writing to representatives, on a  local, state and federal level, and making your voice and the voice of helpless animals  heard. 

*Share. Spread the word by sharing articles and info on community shelter and rescue  work and events on your social networking sites. You will find yourself meeting some  great, like-minded new friends who share your vision! 

*Pick up that starfish! Know that every little act of kindness to animals helps. You can’t do it all, but we can all do something. 

As the saying goes, “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. It will  be enough”. 

I found this online at the Canine Rescue Coalition. When I read it I felt like someone  had captured exactly what was inside my heart. I have been an animal advocate since  2009 and have loved animals all my life. There are tough times for sure, but to just be a small part of changing one pet’s life is all I need to get out there and help another one. I want to personally thank everyone who makes a difference in animals' lives. Together we can look to a day of No More Homeless Pets.


Gail Moscato 


Positive Paws BHC 


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